Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Every summer, Bristol in the UK holds a hot air balloon fiesta – a chance to see up to 150 hot air balloons in the air at one time in a fantastic setting. This year, I was lucky enough to go and it was fantastic! Here are some of the things I saw whilst at the festival and in the city.


The city itself is pretty, but the surrounding countryside is charming. To get a feel for it, take a boat trip and a short walk to Clifton Suspension bridge. The views are fantastic and the (somewhat steep) walk up shows some of the best that Bristol has to offer: The quiet winding roads, the colourfully painted Georgian houses that look like they come from the set of Balomory, the dignified black railings contrasted with the humble, moss-strewn stone walls are not elements of the city that should be missed. If you can’t already tell, yes, I had some serious house envy.


The view from the Avon Gorge Hotel
One of the many modern buildings in the city centre, spotted by boat


The green space on the east side of the bridge and a glimpse of the valley beyond


More colourful, terraced houses that sit nestled between the trees that stand behind the river Avon


Another way to see the lush, green countryside is by visiting the balloon fiesta but that isn’t all that the festival has to offer. The abundance of stalls, rides, fireworks, the free entry and not to mention the 150 hot air balloons contribute to the fact that is was absolutely heaving. Despite the crowds, everyone still had a spectacular view of the balloons framed against the blue sky, wispy clouds and afternoon sun.


Gradually more and more balloons left the mass below and 116 of all different shapes and sizes took to the sky in total. It was a fantastic sight and I really recommend it along with a trip to the buzzing city at the same time.


For any more information about the balloon festival, click here and you can read about why to visit Bristol and what to get up to here.


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